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Millennials and Fashion: How the Hipster Market Is Changing

It’s no surprise that the way we buy and market clothing is changing, and it’s mostly thanks to the Millennial generation. Through online shopping, working remotely, and the ever-changing definition in the work-life balance, Millennials have given rise to a new era of clothing. Millennials are some of the biggest shoppers out there today. Nearly half of this age group —  49%  — prefers to shop in store rather than online. On top of that, ethics surrounding manufactured clothing and sustainability have proven to be one of the biggest influencers on Millennial shopping habits. Despite the split on online shoppers, however, nearly 85% of Millennials aged 18 to 34 claim that their shopping habits are influenced by social media outlets. This method of marketing has proven to be more influential than online advertisements or spam, both of which cause distrust among the Millennial consumer. But fashion isn’t just a personal decision. In this day and age, what you wear to work says a lot about you, at least in the eyes of your boss. It’s estimated that nearly half of the senior managers out there believe their employees are dressing more casually than they did five years ago . The shift is incredibly drastic if you slide that timescale from decade to decade.

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