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Because in fashion, it’s never just a sole mastermind creating a single piece. It’s always a team, and they’re always creating a collection that can be sold together. In a department store, there’s the sense of a “store within a store” as shoppers browse from one brand to the next. But even in a dedicated clothing store — say Nike, for example — products are divided up by collection: basketball, running, outdoor, et cetera. Creating that collection takes a material development team asking which fabrics to carry over from last year and which new ones to introduce; a body development team doing the same thing for shapes and cuts; a color team doing the same thing for colors. Then someone has to think about how to combine and recombine those fabrics, bodies and colors, matching shirts with pants, or creating different colors of the same coat. Another group has to figure out how to make all those things happen: the supply chain team. And, of course, another team has to figure out how to sell it. On the other end of the process, Centric VIP also aggregates reports so companies can see how the collection fared in stores. Which products failed? What were the bestsellers, and how can the company carry that momentum through into the next collection?

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Amazon dominates every market it touches  now its coming for fashion

It doesn’t sound revolutionary, but creating a shop strictly made up of one celebrity’s brands is pretty unique — and for Amazon Fashion, it’s really, really smart. Fashion is a huge focus for Amazon, as it looks to become, in its own words , “the best place to buy fashion online.” Retail analysts and fashion industry veterans have been doubtful of Amazon’s ability to seduce the fashion customer, because, well, nothing about Amazon is very fashion. “Its front-end experience is not currently optimised for merchandising emotional products, while its association with discounting turns off luxury brands,” wrote Richie Siegel for Business of Fashion. “Although practical items like socks and trainers might be top sellers on Amazon, many still question whether the site will ever be capable of conjuring the dream required to sell thousand dollar dresses and bags.” A Gucci bag on Amazon Fashion vs. Net-a-Porter, the leader in luxury fashion e-commerce. Emotion is the essential differentiator between slinging apparel (which Amazon is pretty good at) and selling fashion (which Amazon is not yet very good at). Think of it like this: apparel is utilitarian problem solving (“I need socks”), while fashion is subjective self-expression (“I need to look good for this job interview”). Wade brings an emotional bond he’s developed with his fans over his years-long career, as well as his reputation as a stylish guy. The store’s landing page also shows that Amazon is catching on: it’s uncluttered, the photography is rich, and the product mix is focused.

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